Ebony American Optical Clubmaster Style, Faux Bois

American Optical ‘clubmaster’-style combination frame, ready for your own prescription or sunglasses. The brow features a faint ebony / grey variation, a sort of faux wood grain that lends the most subtle interest. A true classic, and shiny! Purchase this frame on etsy.

American Optical Clubmaster Style

Marked: American Optical | 5 3/4 (arm) | 46-20
46mm lens – 20mm bridge (an average / medium to large size)
5 and 3/8ths inches wide frame front (wing to wing)
hinge to hinge is 5.25 inches wide
1 and 5/8ths inches high — frame height
5.75 inches total arm length

Lavender P3 Frames

Big Lavender P3 Frames

Unisex frames in an understated statement color. Purchase this frame on Etsy.

Lavender P3 Frames

Lavender P3 Frames

6 inches=total arm length in inches)
Lens size – 56mm
Bridge size – 21+mm
Front (total width, center, widest part)=just under 5.75 inches (one-sixteenth shy)
Frame height is 2.25 inches (measured vertically by center of lens)

Black Horn Rims Link

Awesome vintage black g-man frames, the real deal, a timeless classic.
Purchase on etsy.
Fifties to sixties vintage frames. Hinges function well, arms open wide, studs are intact, shows surface wear — the frame is molded around the bridge and studs (see pix). Typically one arm is higher than the other and may need adjustment to suit the size and shape of your face.
Color: Black | Vintage: 50s to 60s | Marked on arm: Kono USA 4 1/2 -5 3/4 (represents arm length to curve and total arm length, in inches). The total length of the arm is 5.75 inches
Marked on brow: Kono 48-22
Lens size – 48mm
Bridge size – 22mm
Front (total width at brow)= 5 and 3/8ths inches (almost 5.5)
Frame height = 1.75 inches


Gorgeous and enormous translucent burgundy red frames — universally sexy unisex eyewear. Purchase this frame on etsy.

Nominal surface wear.
Marked: Made in the USA | Pathway | the marked arm length is 145mm
Frame front wing to wing width is almost 6 inches (5 and 15/16ths about)
Hinge to hinge is 5.5 inches
Frame height is 2 and 5/16ths inches (almost 2.25 inches)
Lens: 55mm – 58mmwide | Bridge: 18 mm wide approx (these measures are min and may be off a mm)
Arm length: 5 and 5/8ths inches total, as measured
Color may vary from monitor to monitor – may appear different in real life.
See my other eyewear here: http://tinyurl.com/ygvtv98

Burgundy Luxurious Frames… Black Cherry

Black Shuron Clubmaster Eyeglasses Frames, 48-22

Shuron Ronsir ‘clubmaster’-style late model combination frame, ready for your own prescription or sunglasses. A true classic in a sought after size and color combination. Purchase on etsy.

Shuron Ronsir 5 3/4 | 48-22 (medium men’s size, a woman can wear them!)
5 & 5/8ths inches wide = frame front
1 and 15/16ths inches high = frame height
5.75 inches total arm length, total
Black with dart -shaped chrome studs on the temples; a little adhesive from a sticker is on one arm, easily removable