Emerald Green and Honey Carved Horn Rimmed Cat Eyes

Emerald Green Carved Horn Rimmed Cat Eye Frames, Mad Men Eyeglasses Emerald Green Carved Horn Rimmed Cat Eye Frames, Mad Men Eyeglasses

Incredible green frames that absolutely glows, with golden hue accents and slight show of black around the edges; carvings like rays of sun, an art deco feel to these amazing and surprisingly versatile frames!
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MARKED SIZE: 5 1/2 | 46-18
MEASURES, as marked:
46mm / 18mm (lens / bridge)
5.5 inches (total arm length in inches)
5 inches wide, from wingtip to wingtip
1 and 3/8ths inches tall, vertical, center front of frame.
The color is a translucent emerald green with black underface; golden accents tipped with black at the brow. Please note colors vary from monitor to monitor so may be different in real life.

Rebecca reviewed this frame on Apr 15, 2015:

5 out of 5 stars

“Beautifully unique frame! I asked a ton of questions and the seller was very helpful; she was even able to dig up the frame front in my ideal size 🙂 Shipped quickly and arrived in wonderful condition. The temples were loosely attached, as this frame was missing screws, but I had no trouble getting my optician to bend this stunning frame back into shape, replace the screws, and insert my high index lenses. Of course, these are quite bold and bright, so I’ve worn them to mixed reviews—some say they totally fit my personality, others say they look like superhero frames, and a few absolutely hate them! I think they are awesome and I would definitely recommend this shop.”

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