KONO Classic Black Horn Rimmed USA Eyeglasses, Mad Men Era

Awesome vintage black g-man frames, the real deal, a timeless classic.
Purchase on etsy.
Fifties to sixties vintage frames. Hinges function well, arms open wide, studs are intact, shows surface wear — the frame is molded around the bridge and studs (see pix). Typically one arm is higher than the other and may need adjustment to suit the size and shape of your face.
Color: Black | Vintage: 50s to 60s | Marked on arm: Kono USA 4 1/2 -5 3/4 (represents arm length to curve and total arm length, in inches). The total length of the arm is 5.75 inches
Marked on brow: Kono 48-22
Lens size – 48mm
Bridge size – 22mm
Front (total width at brow)= 5 and 3/8ths inches (almost 5.5)
Frame height = 1.75 inches


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